The double-standard of targeted killings


The double-standard of targeted killings has just become a step clearer with the revelation that the CIA is authorized to kill terrorists.

President Bush has authorized the CIA to kill “the worst of the worst” terrorist leaders, including al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and his top deputy, The New York Times reported in its Sunday editions.

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Officials said the special authority did not mean Bush had waived executive orders banning assassinations. They said the presidential authority to kill terrorists defined al-Qaida operatives as enemy combatants, making them legitimate targets.

But of course, when Israel targets terrorists – who masterminded bombings of buses, cafes, discos, and universities – that’s wrong according to Bush, who has frequently criticized Israel for being heavy-handed in its response methods.

Killing innocent school children is part of a “legitimate struggle”, but killing murderers is “heavy-handed”. Sure, makes perfect sense to me. (More sarcasm here).

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