Hamas leader arrested in Texas


A Hamas leader has been arrested in Texas, as well as members of his family and five employees of a computer company.

“We will follow the money of terror,” Attorney General John Ashcroft said at a news conference. “And we will pursue the financiers of terror as aggressively as we pursue the thugs who do their dirty work.”

This is kind of like charging Al Capone with tax evasion instead of murder . . . but I suppose any charge is better than none.

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1 Jonny 12.19.02 at 10:57 PM

“follow the money of terror”

Perhaps they could start at their local gas station and follow the money right to Saudi Arabia.


2 Hanthala 12.20.02 at 1:44 AM

Hey why not the local synagogue and follow that money right into the coffers of the terrorist settler militias.


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