A “landmark victory”? Not so fast.


Bush is calling the outcome of today’s meeting with Sharon and Abbas a “landmark” victory, as both made a commitment to work towards peace. But in case anyone was actually thinking this would work, the terrorist leaders worked quickly to dispel that notion:

“We will never be ready to lay down arms until the liberation of the last centimeter of the land of Palestine,” Hamas official Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi said. Islamic Jihad, another group sworn to Israel’s destruction, followed suit.

Sharon can uproot every single settlement in the West Bank, and there will still not be peace. The Palestinians can get a state tomorrow, and there will still not be peace. Because the objective of the terrorists isn’t peace with Israel, it’s no more Israel.

Sharon knows this. He got elected – twice – based on his understanding of this. And yet he’s still making disastrous concessions that will only come back to haunt him. All because Bush wants to get re-elected.

Peace has to be wanted by the people. It can’t be rammed down their throats. In the meantime, concessions in a time of war are signs of weakness, and I fear Israel will pay dearly.

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