Abbas resigns


And in the continuing charade that is Palestinian politics, Mahmoud Abbas has resigned as Prime Minister, ostensibly because of a power struggle with Arafat.

What gets me is that the international media is buying this second-rate acting job. Abbas never did a thing to try to curb terrorism. This lets him claim to the West that he was trying but had his hands tied. And it lets him escape the puppet role that they set him up for without actually trying to make any changes – because he never wanted to in the first place.

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1 Akira 09.12.03 at 7:04 PM

Do you know what “Abu Mazen”‘s thesis was at Moscow U.? That the holocaust was a zionist plot to get money out of Germany (etc. etc.).

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2 Akira 09.12.03 at 7:07 PM

… and this is a “moderate” Palestinian politician?

I guess Hitler was also a moderate…
After all, he killed off his opponents both to the left and to the right — how moderate!


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