Appoint, not elect


Reports are coming in that Arafat has agreed to appoint a Prime Minister.

Appoint? Excuse me??? I guess I was under the silly, clearly mistaken impression that Prime Ministers ought to be elected, not appointed. But then, I guess that’s what passes for democracy in that part of the world – with the notable exception of Israel.

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1 Peter 02.15.03 at 5:48 AM

It is just a continuation of the scam Arafat perpetrated upon the world back in 1993. Arafat has no intention of settng up a state. Neither he nor any of his “advisors” have any clue about what good government is. His intention in 1993, as he and so many of his people have stated, was to set up a terrorist state in “land liberated from the Zionist enemy” and murder as many Jews as possible.


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