Arafat still calling the shots


More proof that Arafat is still calling the shots among the terrorist groups (literally):

“Neither I nor Zakariya received orders from Arafat to make a cease-fire with the Israelis,” said Atta Abu Rumeyli, the Fatah leader in the Jenin refugee camp and one of the city’s strongmen. Abu Rumeyli was referring to Zakariya Zubeidi, chief of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank.

“Arafat,” Abu Rumeyli continued, “does not believe the struggle should end. We have to continue to fight for our land.”

Fatah’s Jenin organization was surprisingly disbanded on Tuesday night, and many of its fighters were incorporated into the renegade Aksa Martyrs Brigades northern division, which is headed by Zubeidi.

And the media stubbornly continues to insist on denying Arafat’s direct encouragement of terrorism.

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1 Jonny 07.31.03 at 8:27 PM

Sari, nobody but Goerge Bush and Colin Powell has ever tried to deny that Arafat is still calling the shots.


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