The cease-fire that isn’t


Meryl Yourish isn’t impressed by the media’s double-standard about the “Hudna” and how it has treated the events of the last week:

Oh, there’s also this charming headline from Reuters:

Palestinians Offer Truce Extension, Israel Says No

Wow, tough crowd. Why would Israel refuse to extend a truce?

[ . . . ]

Oh, that’s why. The Israelis are asking the pals to actually stick to the terms of the agreement, not some lame “truce” that isn’t even holding. Because the pals are supposed to dismantle the terror groups as part of the road map, and nobody seems to be holding them to that. But hey, are the pals serious about that truce agreement?

I couldn’t agree more.

She also notes that Israel seems to be getting the blame for “derailing” the peace process, but there’s virtually no mention of the latest Palestinian shooting attack on a woman and her three children. Instead, Israel is being criticized for only releasing Palestinian prisoners that have not been directly responsible for murdering innocent Israelis.

See, what nobody seems to realize is that “cease-fire” is not the proper translation of “Hudna”. Firstly, with 170 attacks since the June 29th declaration, one would have to be blind, deaf, and just plain stupid to call this an actual cease-fire. It’s a media relations ploy, plain and simple. The Palestinians sensed that the Western world was getting tired of their violent tactics, so they decided to claim to have called a cease-fire while continuing attacks like normal, as this makes painfully clear. Secondly, the “hudna” isn’t a cease-fire with the aim of peace, but with the aim of re-armement and reorganization in order to carry out even deadlier attacks as soon as it expires.

Israel was supposed to begin dismantling settlements, release prisoners, ease checkpoints, and pull the IDF out of Palestinian-controlled zones. The Palestinians were supposed to stop violent attacks and work towards dismantling the terrorist organizations. With all the focus on Israel’s non-compliance, it at least has made steps. What steps have been made, exactly, on the Palestinian side?

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