Charlton Heston to retire


Michael Moore must be disappointed that Charlton Heston won’t be around to make fun of anymore. He’s retiring as the president of the National Rifle Association, thanks to the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Moore may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make the NRA heroes. Far from it. This powerful lobby group has far too much influence in the U.S. government, pressing its “lofty” agenda:

Heston became NRA president in 1998 as the gun-rights group was overcoming a period of internal strife and facing run-ins with the administration of President Clinton. During his tenure, the NRA raised its membership to 4 million members. The group helped send a supportive President Bush to the White House and Republicans take control of Congress.

The NRA also pushed the U.S. House to pass legislation limiting lawsuits seeking damages against gun manufacturers and distributors this year and is gearing up to try and make sure a ban on assault weapons lapses next year in Congress.

Why anyone would need an assault rifle for any remotely legal purpose is beyond me.

The NRA spends billions of dollars a year to ensure that the right to bear arms is expanded at all costs. Sadly, these costs are much higher than monetary. The cost is in the scores of human lives lost each year thanks to the NRA’s radical agenda. I mean, when will people get it?

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