Cigarettes bad. Alcohol good.


The Canadian Grand Prix will be coming to Montreal after all… after Labatt Breweries made a sponsorship deal to fill the financial void left by the ban on tobacco advertising:

The deal announced on Tuesday by race promoter Normand Legault will see 29 million Canadian dollars (22 million US) paid to Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone in compensation for the lost cigarette sponsorship.

The contribution from Legault himself, the Labatt brewer and other sponsors will raise 17 million Canadian dollars with the Canadian and Quebec governments each chipping in six million Canadian dollars.

“We still have work to do but this support gives us a lot of encouragement. We’re confident we’ll be able to raise that money,” said Legault.

“We are happy to have reached such a conclusion when, in August, we estimated our chances to have Formula One with us again to be rather slim.” Legault said that the payment of 17 million Canadian dollars assured the future of the race for at least the next three years and he predicted the Grand Prix would be on the Formula One calendar “for years to come”.

This is good news for race fans, people in the tourist industries, and fans of cool cars and celebrity-sightings. But I can’t help but wonder at the double-standard.

Don’t get me wrong – I love beer ads. And I don’t think that tobacco should be allowed to advertise. But it does make me question myself on that one. I mean, both are bad for you, both are legal, and one can advertise but the other can’t. Of course, beer isn’t as harmful as tobacco in moderation… but doesn’t it seem a little strange?

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1 Jon K 11.19.03 at 11:59 PM

Cigarettes bad, alcohol good.

You sure got that right 🙂


2 Alan 11.23.03 at 11:07 PM

Beer is beneficial in moderation, tobacco is harmful in moderation.

Are you going to write for Switching to Glide? Everyone is talking about it back at the office.


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