Counter-protest at Concordia


This just in: A counter-protest at Concordia is planned for Monday. Here are the details:

The CSU is unconditionally defending the people arrested in the Sept. 9th riot at Concordia. They didn’t condemn the rioters or stand up for the innocent students attacked by them.

On Monday they’ll be gathering in the Hall Building to reemphasize their opposition to free speech and civil discourse.

Enough already.


11:30 AM

Monday, January 20th

Corner Maisonneuve and Mackay

Should be interesting.

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1 Stuart Rothman 01.17.03 at 10:42 PM

Is there a specific group organizing the counter-protest?


2 hazak 01.20.03 at 6:29 PM

Any reports on this counter-protest (and the “protest” itself)?



3 segacs 01.20.03 at 7:27 PM

On its way . . .


4 James 01.20.03 at 7:38 PM

Suggested sign: blank.

Suggested venue: in front of the Hall building, not inside!

Suggested demeanour: uh, peaceful. Duh.


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