CSU panel dismisses complaint


More fun news from Concordia (where else?) as a CSU-appointed hearings panel ruled that it’s ok to draw a swastika on an Israeli flag:

A student panel at Concordia University has dismissed a harassment complaint against activist Laith Marouf for drawing swastikas on an Israeli flag during a March 12 protest at the downtown campus.

In a 2-1 decision, the board ruled that while “Marouf’s gesture was in very poor taste,” it was made during a tense confrontation and did not qualify as harassment under the university’s code of rights and responsibilities, or warrant expulsion or other sanctions.

Adam Spiro, the finance student and Hillel member who filed the complaint, said he’s disgusted by the decision.

“It sends a terrible message,” he said, noting his paternal grandparents are Holocaust survivors. “It says that in the heat of protest, there are no boundaries.

“It legitimizes the swastika as a symbol of political discourse, which it’s not. It’s the worst symbol of hatred, racism and the genocide of 6 million Jews.”

So what is this, complaint number 912 against Laith Marouf that he gets tossed out? He was banned from Concordia two years ago, along with his buddy Tom Keefer, for spraypainting anti-Israel vandalism and threatening a security guard. But the university lifted that ban, and he’s been merrily shit-disturbing and displaying his intense hatred ever since. Apparently anything goes as long as you wrap yourself in the Palestinian flag and make ridiculous excuses for your actions, like this one:

At a May 14 hearing, Marouf testified he drew “the inverted swastika, the Hindu circle of life, not the Nazi swastika” on the Israeli flag, as a lesson in symbolism. However, he conceded he realized some people might not make the distinction and would be deeply offended.

Maybe it’s just cause it’s Friday, but I can’t seem to stop laughing at that one.

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1 adam 06.13.03 at 9:05 PM

Problems again with the rule of law, I guess?


2 segacs 06.13.03 at 9:13 PM

Since when does the say-so of a panel of 3 CSU-appointed students constitute the “rule of law”?


3 Wadi 06.13.03 at 11:37 PM

I guess Laith lives to be a racist another day.


4 James 06.16.03 at 1:23 AM

What an idiot. Unless, of course, he *wants* to promote the idea that supporting a Palestinian state requires promoting hatred.

Brought before a Concordia student hearing? Please. Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim student groups on campus should have laughed him off his pulpit long ago — he’s little short of an embarrassment to them.


5 adam 06.19.03 at 8:13 PM

One of the “say-so” CSU-appointed panelists is Naomi Sarna.


6 segacs 06.21.03 at 12:12 AM

Wasn’t it you who was complaining about the breach of confidentiality, Mr. Slater? And now you’re revealing names of panelists? Tsk tsk.


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