Dumb reason to oppose gun registry


In the “stupidest reasoning to oppose the gun registry” category, this letter by Gerry Gamble in yesterday’s Gazette tops the list:

In addition, the vast majority of car accidents and deaths are caused by registered vehicles driven by licensed drivers. Obviously, licensing and registration has been unable to stop motor-vehicle mishaps. So will how registration have an impact on the use of dangerous firearms? The fact is, it won’t.

What Mr. Gamble obviously ignores is the reason behind registering motor vehicles. We don’t register them to prevent accidents; we register them to better be able to deal with accidents when they happen. Like guns, cars can be lethal weapons in the wrong hands. The idea is to keep track of whose hands they are, so that a vehicle involved in a crash – like a gun involved in a shooting – can be traced to its owner, and the owner punished.

I’m in favour of gun control laws, but I understand many of the arguments opposing the registry. Unfortunately, this one is just absurd.

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