EU criticizes Israel


Those morons at the EU have issued their typical criticism of Israel in the wake of the double-suicide bombing that killed 23 people in Tel Aviv on Sunday, by calling upon Israel to lift the travel ban on Palestinians:

In a statement issued by Greece, the bloc’s president until the end of June, the EU called on Israel to lift the travel ban because the decision “perpetuates hatred and extremism.”

“The Presidency of the EU calls upon the Israeli government to reconsider this decision and to immediately lift the ban,” the statement said.

Perpetuates hatred and extremism? Israel’s mere existence “perpetuates” this hatred, according to groups like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who routinely carry out these terrorist attacks. The Palestinians kill 23 innocent people, and Israel issues travel restrictions, and it’s Israel who’s perpetuating the violence? That’s so absurd it could almost be a joke, if it weren’t the regular position of the hypocritical European Union.

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1 Bill 01.09.03 at 5:47 AM

Another european antisemite, i mean anti-Israeli,
made her show of support for the great a**hole in
Read about Greta Duisenber.

you know, i wonder what her father did during the war?


2 Bill 01.09.03 at 6:11 AM

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