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A new poll suggests that the stage is shifting in Canadian politics. The Liberals are far and away still the most popular party, and are even gaining support. The second-place Canadian Alliance has dropped to 4th place, the formerly marginal Conservatives have jumped to second, and the NDP is up in third place.

The good news is that the Bloc Quebecois is virtually disappearing from the scene in terms of popular support – although it is sure to keep winning several stronghold seats here in Quebec due to the riding system. But with the NDP and the Conservatives virtually neck-and-neck in second place, the prospect of a Liberal government and an NDP opposition are – needless to say – quite disconcerting. Not that I expect that to happen . . . but the trend is an unhappy one.

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1 Ikram Saeed 01.21.03 at 12:54 AM

Sari — I don’t think so. Reform support is concentrated in the west, Bloc in Quebec. Even the one-third decline in each of their fortunes will still give them 20-40 seats (more for refomr, less for bloc).

On the other hand, the NDP and TOries have their support spread out over the country (except Quebec). They will still be lucky to scrounge enough seats to make official party status.

All this poll really shows is that the Libs are going to get an even bigger majority,

Of course, the Libs, Tories, and NDP are going to have new leaders soon. So this poll don’t mean much.


2 Peter 01.21.03 at 4:18 AM

An NDP victory would be horrifying.


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