Hamas: Arafat not trying to stop terror


Arafat likes to claim he’s doing everything in his power to stop suicide bombings.

Hamas says Arafat is a liar.

The Palestinian Authority has not tried to stop the militant group Hamas from carrying out attacks – including suicide bombings – on Israelis, the group’s spiritual leader said on Friday in an interview with Israeli TV.

The wheelchair-bound Hamas leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, said the Palestinian Authority did not actually help the group carry out suicide bombings, but gave tacit approval by doing nothing to stop the attacks.

When asked by an Israeli TV journalist what assistance the Palestinian Authority gave Hamas, Yassin, wrapped in a brown blanket, said: “They turn a blind eye or turn their back.”

The full truth would include a discussion of the documentation discovered by the IDF where Arafat signed cheques directly over to fund terrorist groups. But then, that would be expecting honesty out of a terrorist leader.

Everyone knows the Palestinian Authority funds, supports, and encourages terrorism. There’s nothing new here. But how long can Arafat ignore all the evidence against him and keep on crying innocent?

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1 Peter 01.25.03 at 3:13 PM

i think arafat can “keep on crying innocent” for quite a while, perhaps as long as it takes.


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