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Speaking of Concordia, the left’s favourite punching bag is of course Rector Frederick Lowy. He’s such an easy target for them because he’s openly Zionist – therefore he must be evil, of course (insert sarcasm here). See if you can trace this logic:

The Canadian Jewish News attributed some comments to Lowy, which alleged that the administration was going to ask the government to de-certify the CSU. This turned out to be erroneous but a coalition of “pro-Palestinian students and community activists” decided to take one of Lowy’s remarks out of context as an excuse to accuse him of their favourite charge: racism.

So by their logic, now all the students charged by the university in connection with the September 9th riots should have their charges lifted. Never mind that the sentences were handed down by a student panel, not by Lowy himself. Never mind that Lowy never actually said anything wrong – his words were twisted, that’s all. And never mind that the people charged in connection with the riot were actually guilty. Apparently, none of that matters:

Mouammar, a spokesperson for a coalition of pro-Palestinian students and community activists, is calling on the university to throw out internal complaints against students stemming from September’s protests against former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She said Arab students in the protest were punished more harshly than non-Arabs.

More unsubstantiated charges of racism. That’s their favourite tactic, it seems. When in doubt, find a Zionist to accuse of racism. It helps if he’s also a white male and a capitalist, preferably in a position of power. Never fails, right?

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1 Hanthala 04.23.03 at 10:50 PM

And she’s right. Look over the procedures for the so-called trials, look at who was charged and how vs who was not. Clear picture when you look at the facts.


2 Wadi 04.25.03 at 2:31 AM

Which is why you don’t look at the facts.


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