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Meanwhile back at Concordia…

In the latest episode of “how the left shuts down any viewpoint they disagree with”, the CSU council denied club status to Operation S.I.C.K., or Stop Inciting Children to Kill.

According to OpSick’s website, the group is “is an independent network of students combating the exploitation of children for armed conflict. We condemn any political group that recruits and incites children to hate and kill for political purposes, and view it as a flagrant violation of their basic human rights.” Sections on its website discuss groups such as the Palestinian terror groups, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, the New People’s Army of the Philippines, and others that use children as weapons in warfare.

So what is the CSU so opposed to? Well, it seems OpSICK is loosely affiliated with Israeli Hasbara, and G-d forbid a pro-Zionist club earn the right to freedom of speech or freedom of assembly at Concordia! The horror!

Operation Stop Inciting Children to Kill was denied status as a CSU club. Councillors objected to the views of OpSICK’s parent organization, as evidenced on its website, and told the group to disassociate itself with that some deemed an “obviously racist organization.”

SPHR member Chadi Marouf said the organization was a “whitey-whitey group telling visible minority groups how to deal with their children.”

Amazing, isn’t it? They cry crocodile tears about their own “freedom of speech” being violated every ten seconds, but deny that right to anyone else. Next thing you know, you’ll have to present your membership card in the Communist party before being allowed to vote in CSU elections.

Fucking dictatorship.

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  • Malia 12.16.03, 7:20 AM

    This is unbelievable! As an American I had to go to the links to see exactly what you were talking about. So working to stop the vicious terrorist abuse of children is racist? As a minority I take offense to anyone implying that we encourage our children to be violent.

    This is about goodness and morals and has nothing to do with race. F-off Chadi! You have no right to talk for other minority groups. Arabs/Muslims abuse their children for terrorist purposes more than any other group and that is the issue! I’m tried of these idiots always crying racism instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Something which Arabs will never do.

  • Hanthala 12.17.03, 4:38 AM

    “Arabs/Muslims abuse their children for terrorist purposes more than any other group and that is the issue!” You are seriously deluded..and racist.

  • Me 12.17.03, 2:56 PM

    From their website:

    “Operation S.I.C.K. is an independent [bullshit: it’s run by ‘Israel’s PR Firm’ Hasbara which is backed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, AIPAC, the CJC and sundry other Zionist organizations] network of students combatting the exploitation of children for armed conflict [in order to exploit them for political propaganda]. We condemn any group [that isn’t the IDF or the settler militias] that recruits and incites children to hate and kill for political purposes, and view it as a flagrant violation of their basic human rights [we don’t however condemn the shooting of children or the deprivation of their human rights by Israeli government policies, the Israeli military or the settler militias].

    S.I.C.K. operates as a non-denominational [though Zionist] and non-partisan [though staunchly pro-Israel] human rights network, researching and reporting on children’s incitement [as part of the antiPalestinian propaganda effort], linking campuses around the globe to ge

  • Me 12.17.03, 2:56 PM

    nerate public awareness [against the Palestinian narrative], and lobbying governments to effect change.”
    Why jump through all those hoops to cheerlead for Israel? Hillel does it openly. Why disguise OpSICK’s origins and sources? That’s my objection. They can say what they want as long as they’re up front about who’s running the show.

    Realistically, here’s what the site should say:

    “OpSHIT: (Operation Secret Hasbara Incitement Tool)

    OpSHIT is a vehicle for Israeli state propaganda. Run by ‘Israel’s PR firm’ Hasbara and backed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry among others, it attempts to co-opt the rubric of human rights to ‘market’ fear and hatred of Palestinians as part of its strategy ‘thwart’ the Palestinian narrative.

    As part of its ‘marketing’ strategy, OpSHIT disguises its sources and origins in order to appear neutral and therefore credible, since few would accept Israeli government claims of concern for the human rights of the children living under the very

  • Me 12.17.03, 2:57 PM

    boot of its own brutal and illegal military occupation and expansionist policies.

    Please join us in our propaganda effort.”

    You’ve got to spin the world pretty hard to make it go backwards.

  • segacs 12.17.03, 3:01 PM

    Me, do you often quote yourself word for word? Or can you come up with any actual comments that aren’t just copied and pasted?

  • Me 12.17.03, 4:01 PM


    Any response to the fact that OpSICK is secretly a propaganda tool of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and therefore deserves to have its credibility questioned?

    I notice that you neglected to mention that part in your post.

  • segacs 12.17.03, 5:17 PM

    Me, just because you disagree with a group or its motives doesn’t give you the right to shut it down. I don’t really care if it’s affiliated with Hasbara (which, incidentally, means advocacy, not propaganda…) and I don’t know a whole lot about it other than certain people disagree with it ideologically so decided it shouldn’t exist at Concordia.

    If someone started a club designed to promote, oh, I dunno, Palestinian “human rights” and I discovered it was really a racist anti-Zionist propaganda tool (*ahem* SPHR *ahem*) does that give me the right to prevent them from existing because I disagree with what they have to say?

  • Malia 12.17.03, 9:47 PM

    You are the one that is obvious deluded and doesn’t live in the real world. Arabs DO ABUSE THEIR CHILDREN FOR TERRORISTS PURPOSES! Where have you been living under a rock? And I’m a racist for pointing this out? Typical Arab reaction, seethe and name-call to avoid the real issue.

    If pointing out the obvious makes me, a Native American, racist so be it! Coming from a terrorist-lover like you is a compliment!

  • Hanthala 12.17.03, 10:36 PM

    A “typical Arab reaction?” lol. I rest my case.

  • joe 12.18.03, 5:11 AM

    shut down Segacs, how is a group shut down because they haven’t been accepted? Is a company obliged to hire you because you applied for a job?

    Besides, how can you call OpSICK “loosely affiliated” to Hasbara, when they are a Hasbara campaign and not even an organistaion themselves (their website is ecven registered to Hasbara).

  • joe 12.18.03, 1:03 PM

    If Hillel is an “Israel activism” group and OpSICK is an “Israel Activism” group, why should the CSU have two clubs that do the same thing?

  • Me 12.18.03, 2:49 PM


    The difference for me is that with SPHR it’s pretty clear where they’re coming from: they’re going to agitate in favour of Palestinian human rights (regardless of whether you agree with their methods) — it’s in their title.

    With OpSHIT, there’s no such transparency. Though it’s an Israeli agitprop organization, there’s nothing in its self-presentation that ties it to Israel. In fact, steps are taken to disguise the ties. So it’s a false front. That’s my objection.

  • Malia 12.19.03, 5:51 AM

    Only sick individuals defend terrorist child abusers. These barbaric people are beyond help so it’s a waste of time trying to debate with them. This sick twisted logic made me, a Native American, a strong supporter of Israel. It also didn’t help when these phony “Palestinians” were celebrating the murder of thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11. God bless Israel!

  • joe 12.20.03, 11:19 AM

    Nice, like that, “phony Palestinians,” is that kinda like phony “treaty rights?”

  • Malia 12.21.03, 3:44 AM

    The Indian treaty rights are actually real unlike the “Palestinians.” What is the “Palestinian” language or culture? Why did the term “Palestinian” never exist before Israel re-captured their land in the West Bank and Gaza?

    “Palestians” is just a term made up for Arabs to make it seem like they are indegenous to Israel. Of course they aren’t and the truth is emerging. Repeating a lie a millions times still doesn’t make it true!

  • Me 12.21.03, 3:39 PM


    1) Exactly where have I ‘defended terrorist child abusers’?

    2) Why do you keep mentioning your ‘Native American’ background? Is your race supposed to grant you some extra credibility in this discussion?

  • Me 12.21.03, 7:33 PM

    More questions Malia,

    3)Why does your homepage link to an article by Joseph Farah (who also thinks his race should grant him some special credibility on this issue — ‘as an Arab-American…’)?

    4)Why does your email address link to ‘director@israelactivism.com’ with the subject line ‘Bring RELENTLESS to my campus!’?

    Are you in fact a Hasbara activist?

    And by the way, how do you feel about the fact that the CJC has stated that ‘RELENTLESS’ is ‘not an appropriate educational tool’?


  • joe 12.22.03, 11:01 AM

    Yeah, all those articles by Farah on that site! So what do you think of gay marriage “Malia,” think that homosexuals are out to pervert America? Your buddy Farah does…

  • Malia 12.23.03, 6:52 AM

    Yawn, this is getting boring. Why can’t you people debate on the issues? I know you can’t offer any good counter-arguments but can you at least try? But thanks for making my point that “Palestinians” don’t exist.
    What is Hasbara? And what is the CJC? Thanks for reminding me that I have to order “Relentess.” I want to show it to my friends, who are mostly Latino, to show them what is really going on in Israel.
    Joseph Farah is a good journalist who writes the truth about Arab culture. Sorry he offends you but that’s free speech for you. I don’t agree with everything he says because I’m a liberal. As far as gays go I don’t care! Islamofacists are the main threat to my country!

  • Malia 12.23.03, 7:11 AM

    I only stated that I was Native American because I was accused of being Jewish a couple of times on this blog. Who said anything about “extra credibility?” I’ve met very few Jews or Arabs during my life and didn’t take sides until recently.
    I only became pro-Israeli after researching the history of the Middle East and being exposed to both cultures. I found no dissent in Arab cultures or taking responsibilty for one’s own actions. The support of terrorism by Arabs totally disgusts me, especially seeing them dress their children as homicide bombers.
    Israelis on the other hand are open to debate and are very generous people. The fact that they treat failed terrorists proves it. Even in the USA we wouldn’t do that! But the most important reason why I support Israel is that the Jews are indegenous to Israel as my people are indegenous to North America. They belong in their land that God gave them, period!

  • joe 12.23.03, 9:04 PM

    I got it

    Israelis good.

    Arabs and Muslims evildoers.

    And I thought Dumbya was bad!!!

  • joe 12.23.03, 9:06 PM

    Islamofacists are the main threat to my country!

    Would that be your country or your nation? I would think the main threats to a Native person might not be obscure threats somewhere half-way across the globe!

  • Hermes 07.05.04, 6:40 AM

    Quote from Concordia OpSick press release sent Dec 11 with emphasis added by me:

    “Operation Stop Inciting Children to Kill (OpSick) is an international, NON-PARTISAN, non-denominational network…”

    If they are indeed “loosely affiliated” with Israeli Hasbara, then they are not non-partisan. By claiming to be and not making the affiliation explicit, they tried to deceive the CSU.

    The students of Concordia have the right to deny club status to a group that is misleading them. Freedom of Speech does not imply supporting those who seek to decieve others.


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