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The new Live CD, Birds of Pray, and it’s awesome. Back to the band’s rock roots, with great songs and full of instant classics.

Well, except for the last track, an anti-war anthem called “What are we Fighting For?” that just makes me want to scream at Ed, hey, you’re fighting for the right to sing a song called “What are we Fighting For?”

Aside from that, though, it’s a top-quality CD. Highly recommended.

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1 parallel 05.27.03 at 1:11 PM

Totally OT, apart from the connection with music, the following may be of interest to Canadians in the Toronto area:


2 jaz 05.29.03 at 1:32 AM

This is the stuff you like?


3 segacs 05.29.03 at 1:36 AM

As compared to what, exactly?

To learn more about my musical preferences, check out my personal site. They’re not a secret.


4 Anonymous 05.29.03 at 3:27 AM

Not to quibble with whether or not one should support the “war on terror” and its many ramifications, but I’d have to take issue with the assertion that toppling Saddam’s regime was done to protect ‘free speech’ (ie, the right to oppose the war). It is precisely that kind of overblown ‘we are fighting for Freedom!’ rhetoric which makes me suspicious of the motivations of those waging it.

You should look up, incidentally, what happened to the aid money promised to Afghanistan. Oops, I guess? This war has nothing to do with domestic freedoms (and, in fact, has been used in the US to attack citizen’s right and privacy via the Patriot Act, etc). Justify the war all you want (evil regime, etc), but by more rational means.

Happy to hear Live is back, though, I was dissapointed by Secret Samhadi (sp?).



5 harry 06.01.03 at 8:05 PM

I have been seriously disapointed with Live’s last two albums. The first time I saw them live was at the now defunct Academy in NYC when I was in tenth grade. It was a tour with Public Image Ltd and Big Audio Dynamite II. I didn’t go for Live, but their music was incredibly familiar and I remembered seeing them a year or two before at CBGBs when they were called Public Affection. Their performance blew me away and Mental Jewelry remains a favorite of mine. I’ll check out Birds of Pray, but I found their last album to be unlistenable.


6 Jim 06.05.03 at 9:57 AM

Live’s new cd is alright…..not great. I like the way it SOUNDS, but I think it only has a couple catchy songs….everything else just kinda has this annoying, unmemorable quality that most of the last cd had. I loved Mental Jewelry, Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi, but The Distance To Hear wasn’t all that great, aside from Dolphins Cry, Where Fishes Go, and Run to the Water, and the cd after that was freakin HORRIBLE, IMO anyway. I don’t know what Live is smoking lately, and I can appreciate trying to explore new musical territory or whatever, but I wish they would start making more memorable music again. I DO like that Heaven song, although I think the lyrics are pretty trite for what the song is about.


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