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No proof, eh?

According to a weapons report, Iraq has missiles of prohibited range.

A panel of independent arms experts told the U.N. the range of Iraq’s Al Samoud 2 rockets exceeded by up to 24 miles the 93-mile limit laid down by U.N. arms controls.

“If these reports are correct…it is very serious,” Blair said after talks with Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

“It would be not just a failure to declare and disclose information, but a breach of resolution 1441,” Blair said, referring to the November Security Council resolution threatening “serious consequences” if Iraq failed to disarm.

Russia and Germany are making their usual excuses for Iraq, but the U.S. and Britain are among those countries who are rightly pissed off. There’s a very good reason why Saddam isn’t supposed to have long-range missiles – because he’ll use them to attack long-range destinations.

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