Reality check for Canada?


After our long collective denial about the menace of the totalitarian Islamist states, could our current spat with Iran finally be a reality check for Canada?

The death of photo journalist Zahra Kazemi from a blow to the head while in police custody in Iran is suspicious, to say the least. I’d go further and say that it’s totally unacceptable. And the Canadian government, although slow to react, came around to that position by recalling our ambassador and demanding a full investigation.

But in classic Mideast fashion, Iran pointed its finger back at Canada for the death of Iranian Kayvan Tabesh, who was killed in Vancouver:

A foreign ministry spokesman said that the death of an Iranian near Vancouver could not be compared to the beating death of an Iranian-Canadian journalist in Iran.

Ministry spokesman said the young man was killed while apparently “attacking people with a machete,” and that his death should not be compared to that of Canadian-Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi, who died in hospital from a blow to the head she received in police custody.

Earlier Thursday, Iran accused Canadian police of killing the Iranian, throwing new fuel on the diplomatic row between the two countries.

This is an old tactic – misdirection – that is usually accomplished in the Middle East by redirecting attention on Israel. I’m still waiting for that to happen in this case. But in the meantime, Canada seems to be catching on that you simply can’t win by playing nice with these people. A woman was killed by a brutal regime while in custody. She was beaten and tortured and god knows what else. And instead of answering for this, the Iranian government is playing games.

But no, we can’t possibly react in any way that might anger the Iranians. Cause we’re Canadian and we certainly wouldn’t want to take a stand or a controversial position. That would be un-Canadian of us. We might not even be able to sew our flags on our backpacks when visiting Iran! Perish the thought!

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1 John Baker 07.25.03 at 7:57 AM

I predict that nothing will come of
Canada’s mild protests. The pattern of our tired inept federal liberal government is to do absolutely nothing for as long as possible. Looking over Cretin’s entire rein only two positive things stand out. Letting Martin tackle, or at least rein in, the rate of spending increases and passing a mild
“clarity act” stating that if any province actually chooses to seceed they will negotiate on federal terms.
Doesn’t sound like much for nine long years! Our little spat with Iran will soon be forgotten and our press will
return to their favorite theme: why any thing in Canada is so much better than similiar things in the US.


2 Saruman 07.25.03 at 8:10 PM

What would we do? Invade Iran? Do we have any amount of trade going on with them we could embargo? All we have is a few CANDU nuclear reactors…


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