Robinson nominates ISM for Nobel Peace Prize


Good ol’ Svend Robinson is at it again. The NDP MP has nominated the International Solidarity Movement for the Nobel Peace Prize:

The nomination, published on the ISM website, was confirmed to the Jerusalem Post on Friday night by Jake Wilson, an aide to Mr. Robinson.

In his letter of nomination to the Nobel committee, Robinson, who is the MP for Burnaby-Douglas and the international human rights advocate for the New Democratic Party(a Canadian opposition party), said that the ISM’s contribution to advancing the cause of peace in the Middle East was “without parallel”.

“This organization’s selfless efforts to promote peace and protect the lives of innocent civilians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict clearly merit international recognition,” wrote Robinson.


Nobody takes Svend Robinson seriously anymore. But this goes beyond the pale. The ISM has been caught sheltering terrorists and has been supporting the intifada through political action for years. I mean, the Nobel Peace Prize? Might as well give it to a murdering terrorist like Yasser Arafat . . . oh, wait, they already did.

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1 jaz 05.20.03 at 7:35 AM

The ISM also helps gun smuggling in Rafah. Rachel Corrie, who herself bears a nice Jewish name, was protecting one the safe houses above a gun smuggling tunnel in Rafah when she decided to make a martyr of herself.


2 Anonymous 05.29.03 at 3:31 AM

or Henry Kissinger.

Wait, they already did.


3 Kim Asham 05.29.03 at 8:31 PM

ISM for the Peace prize? Svend obviously never went to their website or read anything about them. The ISm founder was at an Israeli divestment meeting in Michigan with the same guy the FBI arrested as the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad! But I guess since the FBI is part of the Zionist/American/imperialist/colonialist/globalisationist plot to destroy the arab world, control the media and steal all the oil, we can’t trust what the FBI says.


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