Suicide bombing in Haifa


Yet another suicide bombing in Israel – this one in a Haifa restaurant. At least 19 killed, including a 1-week-old baby girl, and over 60 injured.

This makes me sick. But what makes me sicker is the reaction that the bomber’s family had to the news that their daughter was now a murderer:

Jaradat, who had finished her legal studies in Jordan five years ago, was supposed to finish her required apprenticeship next week before qualifying as a lawyer, her family said.

They were shocked to hear she was responsible for the bombing, “but we are receiving congratulations from people,” Thaher Jaradat, her younger brother said. “Why should we cry? It is like her wedding today, the happiest day for her,” he said.

What peace process? What peace partner? When they stop rejoicing in the death of innocent people, then, maybe there will be something to talk about. Until then, just more sadness, more violence, more tears.

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