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Syria closes its border

In yet another example of strife between Arab nations, it appears that Syria has closed its border to Iraqi refugees trying to flee ahead of attacks.

As the countdown to war continues, Iraqis have been trying to get out of the country.

But since midday on Tuesday, they have been unable to cross the border into Syria.

There were conflicting explanations about why this was the case, but from speaking with Iraqis waiting to be let in and officials on both sides it appears that Syria decided to close its border after an influx of Iraqis earlier in the morning.

The Iraqi side then decided not to process any more passports for travelling Iraqis.

An Iraqi custom official expressed his anger at the Syrian decision, saying it was turning back families with women and children at a time when their lives were at risk because of an impending war.

Note that Syria not only sits on the UN Security Council, but has been adamently opposed to the prospect of war supposedly out of concern for the civilian population. Some concern.

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