Terrorist threat level raised


The U.S. government has raised the threat level of a terrorist attack from “moderate” to “high”.

I really wonder what the point is of this. It’s not as though there’s anything people can do about it. Nobody knows if there will be an attack, what sort of attack it would be, or where it would strike. All the people who complained that there was no warning about September 11th would be best to remember that a warning does nothing but cause panic.

Hopefully it’s a false alarm. But in the meantime, life still has to go on.

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1 Stuart Rothman 02.07.03 at 10:05 PM

Attached to every warning level are a set of guidelines that are put into effect by national, state, and local agencies. Procedures are more strict and more security is placed around sensitive sites. I think the threat level system is more helpful than harmful, and it certainly does not cause a mass panic.


2 Me 02.11.03 at 4:01 PM

Level orange comes in anticipation of the massive anti-war demonstrations expected for this weekend. It allows the police to apply stronger punitive measures to do “crowd control” since we’re in a time of “heightened security” against terrorism.

Watch and see the protesters get labeled “terrorists” on Feb 15.


3 segacs 02.12.03 at 5:12 PM

It must be insufferable to be so paranoid, “me”.


4 Anonymous 07.23.03 at 4:42 AM

I can explain it in one word : fear.


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