UN headquarters bombed in Baghdad


The bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad is proof of just how bad things have gotten on the ground in Iraq. At least one person was killed and over 30 injured, including some high-level U.N. officials.

Logic would dictate that the Saddam-loyalist factions still active in Iraq would want to direct their anger at the Americans, not at the United Nations. So this, of course, begs the question of who was responsible for today’s attack? And why? After all, the U.N.’s role in Iraq has been humanitarian, not military.

Was the HQ attacked because it was a “soft target”? Because it was a way to attack foreigners? Was the attack by a group angry with the U.N.’s resistance to Iraqi intervention? (That last seems highly unlikely). Was it all a big mistake?

Details may emerge in the coming days that clarify it . . . but don’t count on it. Iraq is in a state of mess right now, and it will probably take some time to get all the threads sorted out.

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