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Unite the right?

The Unite the Right talk is back:

Merger talks between the Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance have made a death-bed recovery and could result in an historic deal before the end of the week, sources said Wednesday.

I have to admit that every time I hear the phrase “unite the right”, it really makes me wonder . . . I mean, what exactly is right-wing about the Tory platform lately?

But the real question is, what will the resulting party be? Will it follow the Alliance on foreign policy and the Tories on domestic social issues, or vice-versa?

It kinda reminds me of the old joke of how in heaven, the Swiss run the banks, the French do the cooking, the Germans make the cars, and the the British run the police. In hell, the Swiss make the cars, the French run the banks, the Germans run the police, and the British do the cooking . . .

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  • Erk 10.16.03, 4:00 PM

    However they mix it up, the new party will have to overcome quite a bit of suspicion over here (East of Thunder Bay) due to being two-thirds Alliance.

    David Orchard must be kicking himself now… his “in” will probably be demoted to deputy leader or even just disappear once the dust settles.

    Ideally, the resulting party will take its social/immigration policy from mainline Tories, its financial policy from mainline Tories, military policy from the Alliance, electoral/democratic reform impulses from the Alliance and foreign policy… maybe they could steal those ideas from the Libs (but stop beating up on poor little Denmark… bring Gagliano home!).

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