When you don’t like how the facts make you look . . . change ’em!


At least, that’s the attitude of many of the pro-Palestinian supporters of the September 9th Concordia riot. They’ve been engaging in a fair amount of fact-twisting and outright fabrication of the truth lately, with the two main lies being the following:

1) Claims that what happened wasn’t really a riot at all, but a few isolated incidents of violence or rowdiness amidst an overall peaceful protest.

2) Claims that “both sides” were equally involved in the rioting, and that the pro-Israeli people who were there to hear Netanyahu speak were somehow engaged in just as much violence than the pro-Palestinian side.

Usually, when these people fabricate facts, it’s not so obvious because they’re talking about events on the other side of the world and events that happened decades ago. So many of their lies get successfully passed off as truth. But this time, they’re talking about events that happened not even six months ago, right here in Montreal. There’s media footage, security tapes, and plenty of eyewitness testimony to contradict their bullshit. But this doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Why? Because they realize the dirty little secret that if you repeat a lie often enough, people begin to accept it as truth.

So the next time someone presents you with supposed “evidence” of so-called “atrocities” going on in Israel or anyplace else, this should serve as an example of little credibility they really have.

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1 Peter 01.23.03 at 1:27 AM

Lies are the currency of the pro-PLO people.


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