Whitewashing the murder of a child


A 7-year-old girl was killed in Israel today by Palestinian gunmen. Reuters, of course, just chalks the incident up to the “cycle of violence” terminology that refuses to assign blame:

Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli girl on a road near the West Bank, feeding a cycle of violence that has battered a peace plan Secretary of State Colin Powell will try to rescue in a new Middle East visit.

The attack on a car near Kibbutz Eyal in central Israel late on Tuesday was launched shortly after Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas failed in another bid to persuade militants to call a truce with Israel.

Medics said the dead girl was aged seven and identified two people wounded in the attack as her five-year-old sister and father. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the shooting which the army said was carried out by Palestinians.

Just watch as the world excuses the murder of a 7-year old and the wounding of a 5-year old as politically correct. Sickening.

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