Why Bush is losing the PR game


In today’s Gazette, L. Ian Macdonald gives his view on why Bush is losing the PR game on Iraq:

The problem with U.S. foreign policy under the Bush administration is that it is unilateralist much of the time and multilateralist only some of the time. And the problem with U.S. war policy on Iraq is that the U.S. government hasn’t made a conclusive case linking Saddam Hussein to terrorism.

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The world knows Saddam is a thug but is not convinced he is a terrorist, or even hosting terrorists. The world knows he’s playing a game of cat and mouse with his missiles and other forbidden weapons, but then there’s a really scary guy named Kim Sung Jong-Il in North Korea, and the United States is trying to talk him out of nuclear brinksmanship with food and money.

Not only has the White House failed to connect the dots on terrorism, there is a logical disconnect between Iraq and North Korea. And on the world street of public opinion, war on terrorism is one thing, war in Iraq quite another.

Macdonald is not saying he necessarily agrees with this opinion, but merely observing that it exists. His article is a pretty fair and accurate description on where the U.S. foreign policy went wrong.

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1 Peter 03.06.03 at 6:18 AM

Why don’t we just let Bush send in the 250,000
inspectors waiting patiently in the Persian gulf.


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