Zerbisias: Documentary unfair to rioters


Antonia “oops, I didn’t realize I was plugging a Nazi site” Zerbisias is at it again in her Toronto Star column. This time, she’s attacking the Global documentary “Confrontation at Concordia”, which she claims is unfair to the poor rioters:

But any fair-minded observer would expect Himel to back up his allegations with facts or evidence. Yet the film provides little of either.

For example, student leader Samer Elatrash, a Canadian of Palestinian parentage, is described as wanting `’the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state” and seeing `’Israel wiped out.”

Harsh words when what he really espouses is “a secular state that’s built on the simple premise of respect for human rights, respect for cultural rights, respect for religious rights, that don’t trespass on anybody else’s human, cultural and religious rights.”

Okay, let’s be generous and assume she’s such a moron that she doesn’t realize that what Elatrash said means exactly the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state. But not one to stop with merely sounding dumb, Zerbisias apparently feels compelled to throw in a few conspiracy theory allegations:

Himel makes no apologies for his documentary, adding that he is “not aware of the complaints” against it. Fair enough. He’s based in Israel where he reports for Global. But there’s no excuse for his not mentioning – or even knowing – that Netanyahu’s tour was co-sponsored by the Winnipeg-based Asper Foundation, established by his ultimate employer, CanWest Global chair Izzy Asper. Even a simple search of the Montreal Gazette, also a CanWest news organ, would have revealed that.

Pretty much the entire article reads like it was dictated by certain pro-Palestinian activists at Concordia – who shall remain nameless for now – but one of whom pointed me to the article in the first place by proudly republishing it on the Link’s site. I wonder if he realizes that quoting Zerbisias is about as credible as . . . well . . . never mind, I think he quotes Chomsky too.

The complaints filed against the documentary, by the CSU, SPHR, and MSA, are, as far as I can tell, based on the fact that “it makes them look bad”. Yeah, whatever. They made themselves look bad.

And besides, last I checked, there’s free speech in this country. Documentaries are allowed to be biased to reflect the views of whoever makes them. If I wanted to make a documentary about how the Earth is flat, or how it rains pineapples every second Thursday, then hey, all in the name of art, right? But the minute anything gets published that actually tries to show the truth as perceived by the students most affected, well, out come the complaints. I’m the first to admit that this film isn’t going to win any film festival prizes. It’s got some choppy editing and questionable narration, and artistically it’s probably not worth all that much. But none of that makes it illegal.

By the way, if you’re interested in viewing the documentary, copies are being sold online at canada.com. Or, if you don’t feel like feeding your money into the big Zionist conspiracy machine of CanWestGlobal, the show is being re-aired on Prime on Sunday at 8pm.

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1 Damian P. 07.04.03 at 8:41 PM

She slanders Daniel Pipes, too.

What a dimwit. (Then again, look who she’s writing for.)


2 Hanthala 07.04.03 at 11:29 PM

Slanders Daniel Pipes! Oh, what a great man! The new McCarthy no less, slandered!


3 Damian P. 07.05.03 at 4:58 PM

Yes, “Hanthala”. Daniel Pipes is the new McCarthy, and that’s why he must be blacklisted.



4 adam 07.06.03 at 12:19 AM

blacklist the blacklister, neat idea!


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