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I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to lately, due to being very preoccupied with work and with other stuff in my life. So in the meantime, here are some must-read links:

If you’re not reading Imshin, you should be. She has been blogging in her typically insightful fashion lately about Shavuot and Zionism’s true meaning, and about antisemitism at Berkeley.

LGF has the photo that proves just how little the UN can be trusted in the mideast. And Meryl has some biting commentary on the latest news emerging from Israel.

In Canadian news, the election talk that seems to be dominating the airwaves. But Damian Penny and David Janes have a disgusting story of racism interfering in custody cases that proves just how dangerous these “PC” policies can be for innocent children. As for the election, Paul Jané comments on the Liberals’ transparent scheme to make ridiculous healthcare promises at the eleventh hour that they clearly have no intention of keeping. (Anyone else remember the “no more GST” promise? Remind me again why I keep voting for these guys?)

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1 DaninVan 05.27.04 at 6:53 PM

Reminder: Mulroney and just about any Provincial NDP Premier (Glen Clark comes to mind). Scares the beejeesus out of me too…


2 segacs 05.27.04 at 7:34 PM

We’re tiny, we’re toony
We can’t afford a loony
Because of Mulroney
and his stupid G.S.T…


3 Paul Jané 05.28.04 at 4:52 AM

Thanks for the link, Sari. 🙂


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