Bait and switch


Gilles Duceppe on June 27: “As I have said from the beginning, we won’t decide sovereignty on the 28th.”

Gilles Duceppe on June 29: “We will carry through with this struggle until we reach the country we need to give ourselves.”

Why does this not surprise me?

The thing is, many of the people who voted for the Bloc were not, in fact, voting for sovereignty. They were trying to teach the Liberals a lesson, angry about the sponsorship scandal and believing that the Bloc could best represent Quebec’s interests in Ottawa. But they would vote “No” in a referendum.

However, the Parti Quebecois has been sitting on the sovereignty issue far too long. Look for them to start talking about it more and more, as Charest and his Liberals lose popularity with each passing day of their term in office. The people don’t want another referendum, but the politicians sure do, and something tells me we’re in a countdown to one that launched on Monday.

I can’t wait. *Groan*.

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1 Vancouver Eric 07.04.04 at 6:30 PM

Well, technically he didn’t lie. He waited until the 29th…


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