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This is sad

According to a CBC poll, us Canadians don’t know much about our government.

Some interesting results of this poll: While only 84% of us could name our Prime Minister, 97% correctly named the President of the United States. And 17% of Quebecers thought that Gilles Duceppe was the leader of the opposition.

Yes, these are the people who decided tonight’s election. Sometimes I read these results and get very scared.

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  • DaninVan 06.29.04, 5:53 PM

    Well, that was depressing.
    Health care is more important than Good Government? WTF do they think HealthCare is!?

    Bleeding bad? Take two aspirin and call Dr. Layton in the morning.

  • Realist 06.29.04, 11:04 PM

    Actually, I bet those are the people who DIDN’T decide. The odds are that if you don’t care enough to know who the PM is, then you don’t care enough to vote.

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