Concordia: the new big story


Concordia’s decision to bar Ehud Barak from speaking has now received press coverage in the Toronto Star, the National Post blog, and Ha’aretz.

It’s been blogged by LGF, Damian Penny, and even Instapundit.

And, it made the top stories on the 11 o’ clock news.

SPHR, of course, is characteristically claiming that freedom of speech does not apply to Barak, because he’s a “war criminal”. (In SPHR-speak, you see, all Israelis are “war criminals”. Therefore, none of them should be allowed to speak. Orwell would be so proud.)

Something tells me this is just beginning.

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1 ScottAdler 10.05.04 at 5:46 AM

Montrealers rally for free speech

Demonstrators in Montreal will protest a college’s decision not to allow Ehud Barak to speak.
The community is holding a free-speech rally Tuesday to protest the decision by officials at Concordia University, who said security could not be assured for a speech by the former Israeli prime minister. In 2002, pro-Palestinian students rioted at Concordia, leading to the cancellation of a speech by another former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


2 Malia 10.05.04 at 6:46 AM

The best to deal with these raving lunatics is to threaten them with deportation to their country of orgin if they protest violently. Maybe this would force them to act like civilized human beings.
I would love to have Benjamin Netanyahu or Barak speak at my college. I don’t know that much about them but the fact that they arouse such anger from the Islamofacists means that their doing something right.


3 Tom Grey - Liberty Dad 10.05.04 at 8:37 AM

Your longer post below:

shows how “terrorism” wins — it intimidates, with unpunished violence, those with whom it disagrees.

Yesterday I read (dunno where?) of an Iraqi pro-American governor, who had 3 sons kidnapped. He was told to resign and denounce the Americans. He did, and he got his kids back.

Unpunished violence & threats. The rioters should have been expelled, total loss of tuition. And punished, economically, for all damage caused, plus the cost of security.

Toleration of minor violence leads to greater violence. This is how terrorists win — how they enforce rule of terrorist law.
Rule of PC law.


4 DaninVan 10.05.04 at 1:06 PM

Yehbut…wouldn’t that be a nono in the context of Martin’s ‘Soft Diplomacy’ (which seems to apply to everything EXCEPT Revenue Canada…)


5 John Palubiski 10.05.04 at 1:12 PM

I’m a graduate of Concordia (poli-sci). In the nearly four years spent there I encountered only three profs that weren’t left-wing. It got to the point where I could fire off an “A” term paper from the top of my head just so long as I employed a plaintiff tone of victimization and various terms from a grab-bag of leftist claptrap.

When I thought things through, though, and did independant research that employed initiative, passion, imagination…..and hard work I never scored more than a “B”. At Concordia grading is mostly ideological. One is rewarded or punished only to the extent one embraces ” the ideology” or displays free-thinking.

The place is Orwellian.


6 Jonathan Edelstein 10.05.04 at 3:37 PM

It’s a war crime to offer the Palestinians 97 percent of the West Bank?


7 Josh 10.06.04 at 9:55 AM

they should have been offered what they want: Israel, not the barren West Bank.


8 Hanthala 10.14.04 at 9:01 PM

Too easy Johnny. The Question is what 95% percent were they offered and how would the other 5% be used by Israel.


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