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Disrespecting the dead

I’ve posted my disgust on this story before. Now, finally, it seems the courts agree:

Among the tribulations facing those bidding adieu to their loved ones, the spectre of disgruntled striking union employees cheering as the departed is lifted into a hearse will no longer be among them.

In the wake of such antics acted out at Urgel Bourgie funeral homes, a judge has filed a court injunction outlawing the practice. Strikers can still congregate outside the centres, but cheering, hooting and hollering are out.

“They have the right to protest, it is on public property,” Urgel Bourgie president Denis D’Etcheverry said.

“But we obtained an injunction (from a Quebec Superior Court judge in March) showing there was a lack of respect for families, that families were third parties in the conflict and are not to be exposed to that kind of behaviour.”

The union has been on strike since December, demanding higher pay. My feeling is that anyone who would cheer at a funeral doesn’t deserve to be within 50 feet of a funeral home, let alone employed by one. Striking is one thing. But disrespecting the dead is just disgusting.

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  • Paul Jané 05.19.04, 9:50 PM

    Good God, this thing has continued until now?


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