Election Day


The polls open in 8 hours.

And nobody knows who will be elected, or what will happen in the country. Confusion is pretty much the only certainty at this point, as we’re almost surely heading towards a minority government. Predictions are abounding all over the blogosphere, but the only one I will make is that most Canadians will actually tune in tomorrow night to watch the results being broadcast.

Meanwhile on the campaign front, the leaders wrapped up a low, mud-slinging campaign with – what else? – some last-minute mud-slinging. No new ideas, though. We haven’t seen too many of those in this campaign.

And it’s bad enough that American nitwits like Michael Moore and Ralph Nader are butting into Canadian politics. But hey, at least we – unlike Israel – don’t have to worry about meddlesome campaigning by the European Union.

So to all Canadians: Exercise your right to vote, tough as it may be to find someone worth voting for. May the least-awful candidate win.

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1 DaninVan 06.28.04 at 10:40 PM

In spite of some misgivings, I got even today…
Again, Sari, thanks for putting together that stuff on the Muslim vote and the interviews. It certainly helped me make up MY mind.


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