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The fence is working

The Israeli security fence around Gaza, and the one under construction in the West Bank, must be doing a good job at preventing new terror attacks, because Hamas seems to be so frustrated that it’s resorting to claiming responsibility for year-old attacks:

Hamas claimed today (Monday), for the first time, responsibility for the terror attack at Tel Aviv’s “Mike’s Place” pub on April 30, 2003. Yanai Weiss, 46, Ran Baron, 24, and Caroline Dominique Hess, 29, died in the bombing.

A leaflet issued by the group’s military wing, the Iz-a-Din al-Kassam Brigades, noted that the attack was carried out by two British citizens of Pakistani origin in retaliation for the targeted killing of a senior Hamas figure, Dr. Ibrahim Makadmeh.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack on the first anniversary of Makadme’s “targeted killing” in the Gaza Strip. The leaflet also noted: “This is a clear message to the Zionists: The al-Kassam Brigades will continue to fight Israel as long as the massacre of the Palestinian people continues”.

In other words, it was a slow news day and Hamas was getting antsy about having no new attacks to broadcast. Think maybe they had planned on having other news to report?

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  • Otter 03.08.04, 5:42 PM

    I had a Guinness and a plate of onion rings there just a couple of weeks ago. Looks like Hamas didn’t slow them down much…

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