Good news from Israel


Lynn has some good news from Israel on the subject of religious marriages:

Former chief Sephardi rabbi Eliahu Bakshi-Doron yesterday advocated dismantling the Orthodox rabbinate’s monopoly over marriages – the first time any leading rabbi associated with the rabbinical establishment has publicly urged such a step.

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In his speech, Bakshi-Doron gave several reasons why he thought the rabbinate’s monopoly on marriages must end. First, he said, the law has become irrelevant, as growing numbers of Israelis are choosing to marry in civil ceremonies either abroad or in Israel (the state recognizes civil marriages conducted overseas, but not those conducted locally). Second, he said, the law encourages hatred of the rabbinate, since it is seen as the primary expression of religious coercion in Israel.

Israel has been trying to work out the meaning of “Jewish democracy” for decades. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, and other religious and secular leaders will speak out and work to change this law.

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1 DaninVan 06.03.04 at 3:49 AM

?… what do non Jews do if they want to marry? Seems that encouraging people to live common-law is counter productive, eh?

Where is everybody anyway?


2 josh 06.03.04 at 5:12 AM

Non-Jews are still allowed to marry as they wish, the marriage laws only affect Jews.

IMHO, this is bad news, even though I know that there is more to what the Rabbi said than what is printed in the report.
Removing the little judaism that is left from the state of Israel is removing the entire reason for Jews to live in Israel, and the Arabs claim this everyday. A secular, ‘politically correct’ Israel is an artificial illusion created by an imaginary world government (UN). There is absolutely no reason for it to exist.

It is already warned that removing the ‘rabbinate monopoly’ will encourage the implementation of a seperate ‘pure-Jewish’ geneological tree database that will ensure who’s kids will be marriage permissable and not.
I’ll sign up.


3 DaninVan 06.03.04 at 5:47 PM

Josh, you can’t force people to ‘believe’. You can, however, brainwash them from an early age.
If you’re suggesting that everyone MUST conform to the Orthodox model, you’ve set yourself an impossible goal. The idea is to slow or reverse the emigration from Israel, not encourage it.


4 Hanthala 06.05.04 at 1:10 AM

Hey, I agree with Josh.


5 DaninVan 06.05.04 at 5:57 AM

Of course you do, Hanthala.


6 Hanthala 06.08.04 at 10:34 PM

Yes, Danin, except that Judaism isn’t even a reason for Jews to practice ethnic cleansing in Palestine.


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