Liar, liar


In a not-so-shocking twist, turns out Michael Moore made up the whole thing as a publicity stunt (via Damian Penny):

Dissecting the current dust-up, it seems clear that Disney never intended to distribute Moore’s film. Maybe the Mousketeers are cowards, but at least they are consistent. And Moore is whining now only to hype the pre-Cannes buzz. Sources report that Miramax never planned to release the Moore film, that it was always slated to come out through Lions Gate.

Let’s see, what’s the appropriate reaction here? Ah yes: Liar, liar!

Incidentally, it’s a lie that seems to have caught on. This morning on the radio, Terry DiMonte was decrying “censorship” and saying that he hoped it cost Dubya the election. Moore himself is planning to speak in Toronto today (probably in front of a crowd lapping up his anti-Americanisms like poetry). And I guess it’s not all that shocking that he would try to sell the film on a publicity wave of controversy. But when the lies come from a so-called “documentarian”, it sure says something about his credibility.

Update: Why does it not surprise me in the least that Janet Bagnall has been sucked in?

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1 DaninVan 05.06.04 at 5:16 PM

Did you even READ that linked article? It very clearly states that Disney is putting pressure on Miramax to NOT distribute the film. Yes, it also says Disney said no to Moore a year ago, that’s WHY he went to MIRAMAX. Obviously Miramax gave him the greenlight and is only now running into a roadblock from Disney. That does NOT make Moore a liar, an opportunist maybe, but not a liar.
What’s with eveyone this morning anyway?
Talk about grouchy!


2 d 05.06.04 at 5:51 PM

Uh… Disney owns Miramax. Miramax is Disney.


3 DaninVan 05.06.04 at 6:58 PM

Read the article. I don’t know what % age of the voting shares Disney ownes, but from the article I gather that the executive at Miramax still have a lot of

And that still doesn’t make Moore a liar…


4 DaninVan 05.09.04 at 5:25 AM

Shit! Doesn’t anybody play it straight anymore? I take back everything I said about that doofus.


5 andrew 05.10.04 at 3:46 AM

you and your mike bashing, its making me mad man. just becuase your a gung-ho america lover dosent mean you need to get on moores ass for having something to say


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