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Yet another example of why, if I were American, I would never vote Republican no matter how cozy the party is with Israel:

The U.S. Senate, after an emotional debate, easily passed legislation on Thursday to make it a federal crime to harm or kill an “unborn child,” an issue that spilled into the battle over abortion rights.

On a 61-38 vote, the Republican-led Senate sent the measure, earlier approved by the House of Representatives, to President Bush.

Bush applauded the Senate vote and said he was looking forward to signing the legislation into law.

This legislations specifically excludes abortion, and thus doesn’t infringe on abortion rights.

BUT (and there’s always a but) anti-abortion groups are applauding it as a “step” towards granting the unborn the same rights as the living.

Don’t get me wrong – I think violence against a pregnant woman is despicable and anyone who commits it ought to be punished to the full extent of the law. But there are ways of stressing this without giving a fetus the same legal status as a person. A fetus has the potential to be a person, and thus deserves rights… but a fetus is not yet a person, and this murky legal definition is really just a political victory for those who would seek to deny the right to choose to all women regardless of belief.

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1 Peter 03.26.04 at 7:53 PM

I really wouldn’t lose any sleep if abortion was banned in this country. I mean there is so much birth control out there you really have to be an idiot to have a child if it is not what you want. Life is precious and it really shouldn’t be snuffed out if it interferes with someone’s career or education.

Anyway, the more people you have, the more brains you have and the more problems you can solve. What if the child you abort could have be another Einstein or another Martin Luther King?


2 Stacy 03.26.04 at 9:14 PM

Well, Peter, you do have a point. In the U.S., birth control is relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and plentiful. And yes, you can generally avoid getting pregnant if you have half a brain.

However, abortion is not a mere twittering convenience. Yes, chronically irresponsible people do exist. But it is a hugely complicated, life-altering decision for most women to make. Just because a legal medical procedure does NOT mean it is taken lightly, and it is disgustingly naive to imply that. Even among the pro-choice crowd, having to go through with an abortion is a horrible experience. But people make mistakes.

Besides. What if the child you abort could have “be” another Osama Bin Laden or Charles Manson?


3 Stacy 03.26.04 at 9:21 PM

Not to say that I agree with segacs 100%. I take issue with the typical Republican stance on abortion, but I don’t think it is a necessary deal-breaker. A handful of Republican presidents and many loudmouth Republican congressmen have worked very hard to make abortion illegal over the years.

And the closest they’ve been able to come is this law that even 13 Democrats voted for – in an election year!

The point is, I don’t like this law but and it is a bad precedent to set, but I don’t think Republicans genuinely threaten abortion rights in the U.S. Meanwhile, if a Republican’s foreign policy (something they can actually have control over) is good to Israel, I’m willing to give them a listen.

(Though, in fairness, both parties usually stink as a whole.)


4 gerry schor 03.27.04 at 1:01 PM

I am a 76-year old American living in Israel. I have been a Democratic voter all my life, but this year, along with all of my family, will be voting for George Bush. There is only one consideration:- he has fought the war on terror as no previous President has. He has removed a vicious enemy from our eastern border. He has forced Libya to contemplate moderation. He has made Syria understand they must change their ways or face ruinous sanctions. He understands, as no other leader does, that Yasser Arafat is the problem. Yes, I am pro-choice, pro-environment, would like to see less religious activity in daily life (and here as well), but for having made my life and that of my family a little better, he will get our vote.


5 Andre 03.29.04 at 10:40 PM

This has to be the most idiotic reason to vote against Republicans.
Yes abortion is important but surely there are other issues more important than it. I know this is hard to understand for pro-choice people, but existential issues such as terrorism really are serious…!


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