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It looks like the NDP will vote with the Liberals for the throne speech, and the Tories and the Bloc will vote against. That would cause a tie – 153 votes for, 153 against. Leaving the fate of the government up to Independent MP Chuck Cadman:

Independent MP Chuck Cadman’s single seat could give a Tory-BQ voting bloc enough votes to overcome a Liberal-NDP partnership. On Tuesday, he told reporters that he is “pretty well neutral” on the issue of bringing down the government at the moment.

No pressure, eh?

Of course, there’s still some horse-trading going on before that point is reached. I sincerely doubt that the government will fall today… if only because any party who causes it to collapse will pay the price dearly in the next election. The Liberals will probably make enough promises to the Conservatives to get them to come on board for the time being.

Still, these alliances are indicative of things to come. It could be a rocky few months.

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1 just a very frustrated guy 10.08.04 at 4:09 AM

Ok people. I annonce my retirement from this blog. Sari has fought a terror war against me and I can’t stand it anymore. Sari, you won. I can’t stand having my comments deleted again and again. Sari, do you know about freedom of expression??? Do you know how much it hurts me when you delete my comment???? Do you feel happy now little bitch???

I’ll never post a comment again and I’ll stop reading this blog altogether.

You can all go to hell.

PS: I deleted the acccount.


2 jepp 10.08.04 at 5:38 AM

Hey Sari,

It’s funny how the day after the election you were so elated that the NDP didn’t get that one extra seat from the conservatives so that they couldn’t hold the Liberals “hostage” as you phrased it.

Don’t you wish they got that seat…


3 DaninVan 10.08.04 at 5:56 AM

Let the bastards sweat.

You realize, Sari, that your stats may suffer from the loss of j.a.g…heheh


4 Malia 10.08.04 at 7:20 AM

I’m worried about everybody in Montreal when “just a guy” escapes from the insane aslyum. Yikes! What a weirdo!


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