The newest group with a god-complex


Quebec Conservatives:

All ridings being created equal in the Conservative leadership race, fewer than 10,000 members in Quebec’s 75 ridings count for almost three times as many points as nearly 100,000 members in 28 Alberta ridings.

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Harper was desperate enough to do the merger, and confident enough he could win the leadership regardless of the rules, that he went along with a system which, in Quebec, is greatly to his disadvantage.

So he can hardly complain now that Belinda Stronach, who barely speaks French, is racking up big gains with small numbers in Quebec.

Of the 9,000 Conservative members in Quebec, about 5,000 were members of the former PC party – Tory activists of good standing. Some 4,000 new memberships have been sold, and of those Stronach has sold about 3,500.

Of the 7,500 points available in Quebec, Stronach looks like winning around 5,000, or about one-third of the 15,401 votes needed to win the leadership.

Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction.

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1 8opus 03.08.04 at 5:10 PM

With 9000 Conservative members for Quebec’s 7500 points, and 100,000 Conservative members for BC/AB’s 6400 points, every Quebec Conservative vote looks to be worth 13 from the West.

I’m watching afar, but it’s hard to believe this won’t have legs — isn’t this the kind of thing the Reform party was always scrounging around to find evidence of?


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