NHL = No Hockey League


Things are looking really bleak for the NHL these days, with common ground still eluding the players and owners as the seconds tick down on any chance to save the season:

Last week, the players offered to take an across-the-board 24 per cent pay cut on existing contacts to help settle the stalemate. The league countered Tuesday with a graduated rollback that would see the top salaries cut by as much as 35 per cent while leaving the lowest salaries untouched.

The counter-offer from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was rejected by the union and there are no further talks scheduled.

Sure, life goes on. But without hockey, somehow the winter just seems… bleaker. Luckily I’ve been too busy at work to think about it much.

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1 Josh 12.15.04 at 10:31 PM

Occasionally, I surf to http://www.canoe.ca. They’re one of the few sites (maybe only one actually) that always gives you the option to vote in their polls yes, no, don’t care.
When it comes to, multi-millionaire athletes, I choose ‘don’t care’ anymore.


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