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Non-news item of the day

Al Qa’eda wants to kill Jews and Americans.

No! Shocking! Quick, someone call a reporter!

Yep, this ranks up there in “duh-factor” with last week’s shocker of a news headline: That if a federal election were to be held in Canada today, the Liberals would win.

You don’t say!

Tomorrow, I’ll probably open the paper and see it announced in big letters that yes, the Earth is in fact round.

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  • Hanthala 04.02.04, 9:35 PM

    If it wasn’t about murder, I’d laugh. Its a bit like a bold headline announcing the US wants to occupy Iraq.

  • Hanthala 04.02.04, 10:51 PM

    Hey Segacs, thought you were a Habs fan. No rant about the last few games?

  • Hanthala 04.02.04, 11:01 PM

    oh, and no comment on those armed Orthodox Jews squatting a building in East Jerusalem? (Yesterday’s Gazette).

  • Peter 04.03.04, 12:17 AM

    They bought property Hanthala, but i guess a sales contract doesn’t mean much to an arab.

  • cliff from montreal 04.03.04, 12:38 AM

    Where is the ‘outrage’ from the Canadian ROP© community denouncing these criminal racist thugs? Ie:(al quaeda/hamas/PA/Iran/SA..and all the other Islamic hate factories) Sadly and true to form, they(ROP©) will always play the ‘jooo made me do it’ card instead of facing reality.

  • Hanthala 04.03.04, 1:08 AM

    They bought the building, Peter? Not the way I read it. No mention of that. You’re the only one making the racist comments, btw.

  • Jonny 04.03.04, 1:20 AM

    Hanthala, why don’t you get your own blog? Peace.

  • DaninVan 04.03.04, 2:46 AM

    Don’t go chasing her away! Without dissenting opinion it’d be like Gefilte fish without horseradish.

  • Jonny 04.03.04, 9:44 PM

    Don’t go chasing who away?

  • cliff from montreal 04.04.04, 4:39 AM

    Hey Hanthala, read this!


    “a group of Jewish families moved into two buildings they had purchased in a predominantly Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem. The former Jewish residents of this once Jewish Yemenite neighborhood had been attacked by Arabs and evacuated by British mandatory officials during Arab rioting in the late 1930’s. According to Israeli sources, the buildings were legally purchased by the Jewish families from local Arab property owners after lengthy negotiations, “

  • DaninVan 04.04.04, 6:08 AM

    Jonny: Hanthala; she’s a fox.

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 3:41 AM

    Interesting Cliff. This kind of bias is prevalent with reporting on just about anything, and particularly this conflict (and from either “side”). You’ll have to excuse me because the Gazette (which is not known for its pro-Palestinian sympathies, to say the least) ran a headline referring to Jewish “squatters” (c’mon, that’s harsh for the Gazette…their phones must be ringing off the hook now…lol).

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 3:43 AM

    That being said, the ownership is still being disputed according to your link. Looks like it was sold by a third party. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll hear more (heh–maybe in Haaretz). Also, CAMERA makes some good points on the bias in the article. Particularly over the question of violence. Its a bit like another article that ran about the IDF attacking ppl while they were praying. The first few lines (in the manner of this article) suggest the Palestinians threw stones, but lenghty eye witness testimony near the end of the article makes clear the Palestinians (and other Muslims) were attacked while still praying. Anyway, the point is, bias is everywhere, including at CAMERA.

  • segacs 04.05.04, 3:51 AM

    Hanthala, do my eyes deceive me or are you actually quoting CAMERA?

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 4:11 AM

    I don’t see any quotes. But while I’m here, don’t you find it strange that these Jews are claiming some kind of right of return from the 1930s while denying Palestinians’ right of return from 1948 and/or 1967? Typical irony of this conflict.

  • segacs 04.05.04, 4:35 AM

    Don’t you find it ironic that the Palestinians are claiming a right of return from 1948 or 1967 while denying the Jews the right of return from, oh, say, around 70 CE?

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 5:08 AM

    They didn’t.

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 5:12 AM

    But even if so….the 48 and 67 Palestinians have property deeds…like the 30s Jews perhaps…70 BC is more about revelation and belief (in the case of lineage).

  • Anonymous 04.05.04, 6:27 AM

    DaninVan, Scare Hanthala off? I don’t think I’m that scary. No, I was saying that Hanthala should get his own blog because he was criticising Sari for not posting certain articles. Its Sari’s blog and she can post whatever the bloody hell she likes, and now if Hanthala gets a blog, he too may post whatever the hell he wants. I would imagine, if Hanthala did get a blog, that there might be a bit of a blogfight between Sari and Hanthala, which is kinda of the opposite of scaring Hanthala off really because they would link to each other in the form of criticism.

    Now kids remember blogfighting is much better than violence.

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 6:29 AM

    lol, anonymous. no time for my own blog. but see the post on the habs. ya see? ya see?

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 6:31 AM

    Oh, and I’m a she, OK???

  • Jonny 04.05.04, 6:38 AM

    Sorry Hanthala. half an hour a day?

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 6:40 AM

    Is that all? K maybe.

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 6:41 AM

    And Danin, glad I’m the horseradish….lol

  • DaninVan 04.05.04, 7:25 AM

    FRESH horseradish…kinda leaves you speachless for a few moments.

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 7:33 AM

    But I prefer it on roast beef…and yeah, kinda like wasabee, mmmm….

  • DaninVan 04.05.04, 8:47 AM

    Hanthala; That was an analogy, my little peacenic, not a gastronomic observation.
    I’ve only recently discovered Seagacs so please bring me up to speed here; where exactly are you posting from, I mean which country. I need to know this so as not to offend you…and why are you up so late?

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 8:53 AM

    What you sayin’ Danin? Gimme a break. From Canada. And you my momma? Geez.

  • DaninVan 04.05.04, 5:14 PM

    Ok; got it. Re “Sleepytime Gal”; I was curious not mother-hennish, posting in the wee hours is a guy thing mostly. I guess we can get by on less sleep. You must admit that ‘socializing’ at 4:00AM is a bit strange if you need to be up at
    6 or 7. You aren’t by any chance uh, ‘allergic’ to sunlight…?

  • Hanthala 04.05.04, 8:38 PM

    No Danin, just a night owl. There you again sounding like my mother. Not everyone works (or wants to work) from 9-5pm ya know. (And, for whoever it was, Moses also parted the sea, know what I mean?)

  • DaninVan 04.05.04, 9:10 PM

    You should listen to your mother.

  • segacs 04.05.04, 9:12 PM

    Having spent some time going through the IP addresses of the comments, to clear things up, I noticed a few interesting things:

    -Albert Law’s IP addres doesn’t seem to match any other poster’s.

    -Hanthala also recently posted under “yet another Concordia student”… but then, I don’t think she was trying to hide that.

    -“Cliff from Montreal” is “another Concordia student”.

    -Hanthala seems to switch computers quite a bit, under her own name.

    -Yours truly has two regular IP addresses (work and home) and the occasional posting from elsewhere. So no, Hanthala, I don’t think there’s anything unusual about posting from several locations.

    -Yes, in case you haven’t figured it out, I can see your IP addresses when you post comments. So if you’re really, really REALLY interested in being anonymous, don’t comment.

    Hopefully this will put the conspiracy theories to rest. I don’t want to see this turn into the Link, ok?

  • Hanthala 04.06.04, 12:38 AM

    But Segacs, I hope you are not handing out IPs to every little Hillelnik hacker out there. Had some funky stuff happen to my PC today…

  • DaninVan 04.06.04, 1:35 AM

    (*sulks*) …didn’t even get an honourable mention.

  • segacs 04.06.04, 4:15 AM

    No, rest assured – I can see your IPs but I don’t give them or release them to anyone or otherwise do anything with them. You’ll just have to take me at my word on that.

    What happened to your PC?

  • Hanthala 04.06.04, 8:52 PM

    it was invaded by Moses. lol. its fixed now (i think).

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