So that’s how they could afford Celine Dion


Air Canada is moving their lost luggage line to India. So now, not only will we get to deal with the frustration of lost luggage, but we’ll also get the added bonus frustration of trying to get it back.

I wonder if the call centre employees at the lost luggage line will know how to fix a computer… cause the ones at the Dell tech support certainly don’t.

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1 DaninVan 11.18.04 at 4:50 AM

So, IF they recover your missing suitcase will they be offering some compensation? Dinner for two?


2 DaninVan 11.18.04 at 5:03 AM

Buy your computer equipment from a bricks and mortar, independant, computer shop. My guys built mine, know every component, and actually make housecalls (never needed that, but nice to know if I ever do). My new m/c is about 1 yr. old, never had a problem with it.


3 Paul Jané 11.18.04 at 5:19 AM

Oh God, that’s all we need… It’ll probably be in the same call centre as Dell too…


4 segacs 11.18.04 at 3:50 PM

Dan, if it were up to me, believe me, I’d never go near a Dell again. However, I had the opportunity to get the new computer through generosity of relatives, so beggers can’t be choosers 🙂


5 DaninVan 11.18.04 at 6:22 PM

Bite the bullet on your extended warranty and just find yourself a really good service shop. Oh yeh, write the CEO of Dell and tell him how pissed you are…and that you’re telling everybody you can reach via your blog!


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