Supreme Court rules fence must be rerouted


In a landmark ruling with countless political implications, the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that a 30 km stretch of the security fence must be re-routed in order to avoid negatively affecting the quality of life of the Palestinian people living nearby.

This ruling has sent shockwaves through the Israeli, Palestinian, and international communities. The Palestinians are trumpeting it as a triumph, but they might not have been reading carefully enough:

Dahla argued that the decision to build the fence in the territories was a political rather than a security decision, and international law prohibits the military commander from making political decisions.

The justices rejected this argument.

“We examined the petitioners’ arguments and have come to the conclusion, based upon the facts before us, that the fence is motivated by security concerns,” Barak wrote.

The ruling instead spoke of the need to weigh the legitimate security concerns of Israelis against the harm that the fence’s route would cause to the daily lives of the Palestinians.

Something tells me that the Palestinian Authority doesn’t spend too much of its time weighing its policy of terrorism against the harm caused to the daily lives of Israelis.

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1 Hanthala 07.05.04 at 2:45 AM

“international law prohibits the military commander from making political decisions…” that’s the key part. Nop if only that reasoning was applied uniformly(sp?).


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