“Tax the rich more”


Is it just me, or is the “tax the rich more” mantra getting a little old to anyone else, too?

I’m tired of hearing that everything is the fault of “the wealthy” or “corporations”. I realize it’s easier to blame those we envy. I understand that “corporations” are widely perceived as the big, bad bogeymen and that, because we don’t identify faceless corporations with actual people, it’s simple for us to advocate raising their taxes. After all, it’s better than raising our taxes, right?

Sometimes I wish that – just once – a politician would have the courage to tell it like it is. That is, to say that, while, yes, rich people should pay more tax than poor people because they can afford it, there are limits. And that the flip side to over-taxation in the highest brackets or for corporations is a lagging economy and less jobs for the “little guy”. If instead of the faceless corporations, people saw the faces of the employees facing layoffs and unable to feed their families, people might see it differently.

Or maybe not. “Blame the rich” is just too tempting, isn’t it?

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1 Knave 02.23.04 at 7:27 PM

Lets be honest, we all know what the real strategy will be eventually: Tax nobody, let the future generations pay off the debt.


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