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Blair poised for third term

It looks like today’s UK election will put Tony Blair’s Labour back into power, according to the latest polling data.

My friends in England have their gripes about Blair, but on the international front he’s been reasonably solid. I’m sure this election will be anti-climactic and not much will change.

Hey, anyone but George Galloway, I say.

Update: As predicted, Blair won a third straight majority, albeit a slightly reduced one. The bad news is that George Galloway also won his seat, narrowly upsetting Labour candidate Oona King thanks to his virulently antisemitic tirades that appealed to many in his constituency.

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  • John Palubiski 05.05.05, 4:39 PM

    George is the type of ‘bloke’ capable of losing BOTH his wife AND his seat (ass?) at the same time.

    My claivoyance predicts that by tomorrow morning he’ll be sounding like Rodney Dangerfield; you know, “can’t get no RESPECT”.

    Ok ha, ha.

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