De facto NDP government


Coming soon to a Canada near you: a de facto NDP government:

The NDP could seek a long-term agreement to prop up the Liberal government in exchange for a handful of concessions, party officials said Wednesday.

Fresh from winning $4.6 billion more for its priorities in return for helping the Liberals survive a confidence vote, the NDP is upping the ante and contemplating a more wide-ranging deal. The party inched closer to holding the balance of power in the House of Commons after this week’s Labrador byelection gave the Liberals another seat.

Some Conservative bloggers such as Damian Penny are lamenting the fact that the Liberals’ one usual saving grace – a balanced budget – will now be a thing of the past.

To all those who voted Tory and cheered the fact that the Liberals were reduced to a minority in the last election: starting to miss that Liberal majority government yet?

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1 DaninVan 05.26.05 at 8:30 AM

No. A slightly more positive spin on it would be that with a less self-serving attitude on the part of Quebec voters, we could have turfed these Liberal sleazebags and their NDP lackies.


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