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Disengaged from disengagement

Imshin says we should not avert our eyes. She’s probably right. Israelis – and those of us who consider ourselves in solidarity with Israel – need to be engaged during this painful time of disengagement.

But Meryl describes perfectly how horribly difficult it is:

I have found myself unable to read the stories, or watch the news reports, or even think very much about it, because no matter whether or not you agree with the removal of the settlements, if you have a heart, you cannot but be upset to see people uprooted forcibly from their homes.

I cannot watch Jews fight Jews and remain dry-eyed. I can’t even read about it and not choke up. And I find that I cannot write very much about it, either.

[ . . . ]

Here is what I think is going to happen in the next few months: The terrorist attacks will continue, redoubled, as soon as Mahmoud Abbas feels comfortable enough with doing so. Israeli will not invade Gaza in response; world opinion will prevent her from doing so. The terrorism will move to the West Bank, as the IDF already realizes. Rockets will fly at Israel proper. The world will tell Israel to “show restraint.” The UN will condemn any Israeli actions.

Nothing will change. Nothing. The Bush administration has proven that they believe in the Exception Clause when it comes to condemning terrorism against Jews. I’m not buying this op-ed in the Times; Zev Chafets is an optimist, and he is overlooking the Exception Clause. The EU and the UN are still slaves to Arab oil, Arab money, Arab voting blocs, and their own barely-repressed history of anti-Semitism. They still refuse to fully condemn Hamas and Hizbullah, whose leaders have a new rallying cry, and who insist they are winning the battle with Israel.

Did I say nothing will change? That’s wrong. Israelis will no longer be murdered in the Gaza Strip. But only because they aren’t there.

These days, I find I’m just as pessimistic as Meryl. And equally unable to write about it.

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  • Anonymous 08.19.05, 6:04 AM

    oh please

  • Tré 08.19.05, 9:54 PM

    I read the comments posted in response on the Imshin and Meryl blogs. I agree its never joyful to see people evicted from their homes. What I can’t understand is how the same people who feel such sadness feel no sadness when Palestinian homes are destroyed or when Palestinians are evicted from their homes. Is it because they are not Jewish?

    What sticks out most in my mind is the argument that Palestinians (who, according to these people, are not Palestinians but Arabs – As if there were no differences among peoples who speak the language) have other countries to go to. Doesn’t this very argument apply in this case?

  • Malia 08.22.05, 9:54 PM

    The land belongs to the Jews not the Arabs who own 99% of the Middle East.

  • Tré 08.23.05, 2:04 PM

    The land belongs to the Palestinians, actually, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or atheist (They are mostly Arabic-speaking, except for those Jews who immigrated last).

  • Malia 08.23.05, 9:56 PM

    Jews were the first to be called “Palestinians” because as we all know Israel was re-named “Palestine” by the Romans. Face it Arabs made up the “Palestinians” to steal all the Jewsih homeland. The land of Israel never belonged to them.

  • Malia 08.23.05, 10:03 PM

    When exactly did a “Palestinian” nation exist? Why can’t the Arabs prounounce “Palestine” and call it Falestine. Well that is the truth, because everything about them is false.

  • Tré 08.24.05, 2:33 PM

    Malia, for someone who claims to be native, you sure demonstrate coloniser mentality.

  • Malia 08.25.05, 12:33 AM

    Why don’t you answer my questions instead of making some lame comment which doesn’t even make sense.
    If you studied history you would know that Arabs have colonized many parts of the world through murder and mayhem. Why don’t you ever bring that up?

  • Tré 08.25.05, 2:33 PM

    Not worth answering Malia and also way off topic.

  • Malia 08.26.05, 12:00 AM

    You can’t defend any of you positions with facts so of course you won’t answer. Why don’t you just come out and say you are anti-Israel because say you are an Arab/Muslim. Now that would make sense.

  • John Palubiski 08.26.05, 3:44 PM

    “The land belongs to the Palestinians, actually, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or atheist”

    A lie.

    The Christian community is being intimidated and harrassed and encouraged to “go somewhere else” by all those peace-loving guys in Hamas

    West bank towns that were overwhelmingly Christian only ten or fifteen years ago are now being mercilessly Islamicised.

    In fact, the only Christians enjoying a decent life throughout the whole region are those with Israeli citizenship. The only Christians in the M.E. that vote regularly are those holding Israelis pass-ports, and, lastly, about the only Chirstians holding public office are those elected to the Knesset.

    Same goes for the region’s transvestites!

    Of course, few people in the media talk about the plight of West-Bank Christians because compared to all the poor, victimised Muslims (who never do ANYTHING wrong) they generally don’t “rate” all that high.

  • Tré 08.26.05, 5:37 PM

    Jophn, Hamas was supported by the Israeli government as an alternative to the secular nationalist movement.

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